Using GearJot's Tasks to Smooth Operations and Improve Fleet Management

By GearJot - November 21, 2018

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The truism, “Work smarter not harder,” has never been more achievable than it is now. Thanks to powerful computing available on personal mobile devices and widespread wireless internet access, we can all get more work done and at a quicker pace. Rather than alleviating some of the pressure regarding work, its quality and the speed with which it’s accomplished, however, tech’s expansion of possibilities has also expanded expectations. If you find yourself routinely sweating the hustle and bustle of managing multiple projects, overseeing fleet operations and otherwise keeping your equipment-centered company in the black, you’re not alone.  

For today’s equipment- and asset-centered organization, staying on top of work is more complex than ever. From the new high-rise build that’s fallen behind schedule to keeping all your equipment up and running so you can get back on track, there’s a lot to oversee and implement. GearJot’s Tasks feature, because it focuses on the work that makes work possible — i.e. checking oil levels, maintaining optimum tire pressure, changing out malfunctioning lights, fixing broken hand rails, etc. — makes everything else easier. Here’s a closer look at how.

Simple Task Creation

How many times have you told an operator or mechanic to solve a problem or address a preventive maintenance issue? How many times did that ask get solved in the time you needed it to? How many times did it not get solved at all, resulting in gear failure, unsafe conditions, extended downtime or a costly repair?

With GearJot’s Tasks, you’ll no longer give orders that evaporate into the ether, threatening the health of your equipment and the safety of your job sites. You can easily create Tasks manually on the fly, or you can set up the conditions that create them automatically. Defined telematics parameters, reported issues in a Forms submission or any triggered fault code all automatically create Tasks that you can then assign to someone for execution. It’s very straightforward. It’s also easy to track and communicate around, and it’s impossible to lose track of. Basically, utilizing GearJot means no more “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it.” or “Oh, sh*t. I forgot.” Tasks, because they can be measured and tracked, get completed.


Once you’ve manually created some Tasks or set up the conditions for automatic generation, managing them is simple. GearJot’s Filter tool allows for detailed searching within the Tasks setting, so you can easily find out which Tasks have been completed, which have been started, and which ones are still pending and need to get underway. You can also search according to a wide set of parameters, including:

  • Employees/operators/vendors who have been assigned Tasks

  • Tasks related to specific pieces of gear

  • A Task’s title

  • Tasks that you personally have created

What emerges from this straightforward filtering, is a real-time filing system that can then be easily shuffled according to project, company and fleet needs. Want to double-check your excavators are all being serviced properly and on time? Filter for it. Have a sneaking suspicion one of your employees isn’t seeing to work in as timely a manner as his peers? Filter for it. Curious about which types of Tasks tend to carry over past their due dates? Filter for it, and then, once you have the information, discover what the trouble is and fix it.

With GearJot, easier task management is built into the system.


Another way Tasks helps make your work smarter is through clear-cut and efficient communication. In addition to being able to add photos, pdfs, equipment manuals and the like to Tasks, you can also add a description and comments — even after the Task has been created. If the person to whom the Task has been assigned has push notifications activated in their GearJot settings, they’ll even receive an alert on their smartphone or tablet that they’ve received a comment.

In addition to helping you and your team stay firmly planted in one another’s loops, these bits of clarifying communication remain with the piece of gear or asset the Task was assigned to forever. If something goes haywire in a year, or, if a problem that should have been taken care of re-emerges, you have a gear-specific digital trail that can quickly bring you and everyone else on your team up to speed about what has and hasn’t happened. The best part? That digital trail — for every single piece of gear in your fleet — can be accessed from the smartphone you already carry around with you wherever you go.

Leveraging tech so work gets smarter without getting harder requires the right tools. Whether you’re looking to increase uptime, lower total cost of ownership, improve productivity or just increase your knowledge and grasp of what’s happening with your equipment and company, GearJot can help. Find out more about how your specific needs can be met by scheduling a demo today.

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