Available Machines

Available Machines

GearJot Gets Things Working

September 26th, 2018 | IoT, Machinery


When your gear is healthy, your business succeeds. When assets generate meaningful data, your business expands.

GearJot is a collaborative fleet and asset management app that connects people, equipment, assets and data so more — and better —work gets done.

Here’s a brief overview of all GearJot has to offer:

  • Jots — collaborative conversations created as needed so your team can more easily work together to solve problems or share information
  • Forms — fully customizable and digital, Forms can be submitted from almost any device, and all issues reported send alerts so you’ll never miss anything
  • Telematics and IoT — track location, hours, mileage, DTC’s with your existing telematics providers (VisionLink, Komtrax, NetworkFleet, etc.) or use our telematics hardware
  • Service Alerts —  Automate preventive maintenance, inspection schedules and more with user-defined alerts customized around calendar, hours, miles, etc.
  • Tasks — a task management system that streamlines how you and your team assign, collaborate and resolve issues
  • Data — all data pulled is completely exportable for easy use in other systems

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